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By submitting my application, I authorize "Med Loan Finance", a loan processing company and / or their affiliated lending partners to run a credit report and verify the information I have provided. I understand "Med Loan Finance" will be acting as a Fee Based credit-processing agent on my behalf and therefore does not approve, deny, set the rate and terms, guarantee loan approvals or discriminate against anyone for any reason. As a part of this search, I fully understand my credit request may be presented to multiple credit issuing companies and/or search companies including (but not limited to) Banks, Finance Companies, Credit Card Issuers, and partnership programs with other such affiliated companies. I understand that I will be charged loan processing fees for these services. Furthermore, while calculated monthly, I understand that the total amount of the fees will be added to my base loan amount requested and become a part of my principal balance in most cases. I agree to "hold harmless" "Med Loan Finance" from any and all legal actions that might be taken as a result of a disputed matter with my Service Provider or Vendor.

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